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Pressure Vessel Design

Pressure vessels are a vital component in many industries. They are often used in high pressure and high-temperature applications. Which result in a high level of danger for employees and the environment. For this reason, pressure vessels are required to be designed in accordance with an accepted design standard and signed off by a registered Professional Engineer where applicable as per the OHS Act and SANS 347. 

Aboveground Storage Tank Design

Aboveground storage tanks and bunding need to be designed in accordance with national standards. To ensure the safety of people and the environment. In addition, these designs need to be signed off by a Professional Engineer to ensure the integrity of the design.

Fire System Design

Fire protection systems for buildings, factories, and tank farms are vital for ensuring the safety of people and assets. It is also a legal requirement that fire protection systems comply with the relevant national standards to ensure safety. Companies often operate outdated and poorly maintained fire protection systems. Thereby putting the management and employees at significant risk.

Storage Tank Inspections

Inspecting the integrity of storage tanks is vital to reduce the risk to the environment. As well as, the health and safety of persons during operations. Regardless of whether the storage tanks store a hazardous or non-hazardous substance. Storage tank inspections are also a legal requirement.

Hazardous Area Classifications

DonTech Engineering Specialists has extensive knowledge of the relevant South African National Standards that govern hazardous area classifications. We provide a professionally registered Mechanical Engineer to conduct and sign off designs for hazardous area classifications.

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About Us

DonTech Engineering Specialists was established on the belief that industries require several key pillars to be accounted for to maintain profitability, sustainability, and efficiency. These pillars; mechanical designs, inspections, maintenance evaluations, and OHS Act compliance are integrated together. They form the foundations upon which a successful industry must be built. Appropriate attention must be allocated to each of these pillars to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

DonTech was founded by Donovan Cawdry who has worked for many years in the petroleum industry. Being a certified Professional Engineer, a certified API653 Tank Inspector, and having an in-depth knowledge of the OHS Act and Regulations. Donovan’s vision was to assist industries with the key pillars in a cost-effective and hassle-free approach. This constructive assistance will enable industries to lower overheads and reduce risk.
Although DonTech is based in Durban, the company does provide services to all industries within South Africa and neighbouring countries.
Donovan Cawdry, Owner of DonTech Engineering

Certificates & Accreditations


Registered Mechanical Professional Engineer with ECSA

Pr.Eng. number: 20160354

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Certified API653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector

Certification number: 56102

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to supply for a quote?

Every service is different and therefore requires different information. The most efficient way to get a quote is to send an email indicating which service you require and include all basic information related to your need. DonTech will then contact you requesting any additional information required in order to provide a quote.

Is the quote obligation free?

Yes. DonTech recognises that the services offered may require preliminary work in order to quote. Therefore the quotes will be obligation-free.

How long does a tank inspection take?

The duration of a tank inspection varies depending on the nature of the inspection and the size of the tank. Inspections can range from a few hours to a few days depending on whether repairs are required.

Once an inspection is completed, what type of report is issued?

DonTech issues a hard copy as well as a soft copy of the report to clients. In addition, DonTech keeps all inspection reports on file at their office in case clients lose their reports.

Does DonTech offer tank cleaning services?

Yes, DonTech does offer tank cleaning services which is often required prior to internal tank inspections.

Does DonTech arrange the relevant Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services?

Yes, DonTech can arrange for the relevant NDT services if clients request this.

Can DonTech offer design drawings?

Yes, DonTech outsources drawings of designs where it is applicable and required by clients.


What is the first step in getting DonTech to do a design?

Send an email with all the relevant information and DonTech will contact you to arrange a meeting or to attain additional information if required.

What level of detail do the audits provide?

The audits are composed of two sections. The first section is the executive overview which provides a high-level assessment of how compliant a factory or company is relative to each Regulation. The second section is a detailed breakdown of exactly where there is non-compliance which allows for corrective action.

Can DonTech provide training of the OHS Act and Regulations to my employees?

Yes, DonTech can provide training of the OHS Act or any of the Regulations, as required by clients, in order to upskill employees.

Am I legally required to have OHS Act audits done?

No, it is not a legal requirement to have an audit done. However, it is a legal requirement to comply with the OHS Act.
DonTech has extensive experience with integrating OHS Act compliance with the need to maintain efficient production and as a result, provides pragmatic audits to enable companies to become aware of and improve their compliance.

Do I need to have a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to enable the RCM studies to be conducted?

Yes, the CMMS enables the past history of assets to be tracked and is vital to determine the maintenance philosophies used for each asset as well as the financial savings that will be gained.

Can DonTech provide a sample RCM study so that I can determine whether it will be worth my while to go down this road?

Yes, DonTech offers one free RCM study to all companies to allow them to see the value of the studies.

What is the pricing mechanism for RCM studies?

DonTech charges clients a once-off amount per RCM study. The pricing is not based on a percentage of future savings.

How do I keep track of my RCM study recommended actions and results?

DonTech offers progress reports on RCM actions and financial gains at predetermined intervals. This allows management to see the benefits of the RCM philosophy and to maintain a level of employee accountability through KPI’s.